Meet the unexpected…

When I was young and less fool than I am today I watched a scene. It was part of a story. First, the story: classic one – she had her days of wine and roses but was settling with a colegue of her. He was somehow not so adventurous. But in that night I got her (I met her for the first time, heard later the stories behind) very emotional. She was trembling with emotion. She was hiding from him why. Her exlover had come into town.

She was very excited and left in a hurry. He didn’t understood. Or played that part, I don’t know.

Later he and she got married and I presume they still live together.

But I still remember her emotions. They were so strong, so clear… Her exlover was an unworthy one (15 years older, richer, married, full of mistresses and so on). Their relationship was a see-saw one. With ups and downs. With terrible fights. And with cowardly runs. From both sides.

But in that night she was so high… So genuine… She simply loved her exlover…

And got over it.

Different twists. Strong emotions…. Still remember her trembling in the voice when she said, hiding after a door to change her cloths: He is here!

The craziest part of that night is that NOBODY expected what was happening and what will happen…


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