In sailing there is this saying – you hit the rockbottom… This means that the water is too low to accomodate your ship. And your keel strike the bottom of the sea. In sandy areas you just strand yourself. But the ship is intact and you start again with high tide or with some help. In rocky areas your ship is damaged.

So what happens when you hit rockbottom twice, in a very short time? You are a bad captain. You do not know to steer your ship. Or you travel on uncharted waters…

The problem is that why is becoming less important. How do you solve it  is far more important. And quick to solve. The easy way is simple: abandon ship.The hard way is to bring back the ship to the dockyard, repair it and start again…

That may work with ships.. How about souls? What happen when you hit the rockbottom infernally quick? When all your dreams and hopes have to be thrown overboard to ease the ship so she could float again.. Is it worth it? Will you be yourself if you leave your hopes and dreams behind? On one hand is the total destruction of you. On the other hand is a change so you will not be the same… So, again you loose… Always you loose something. Nothing to gain… not even experience…

Will it be better to sink with the ship? At least you soul feels everything. The bad, the worse and the worst… You drink the bitterness in full chalice. And ask for more…

Chasing a sister soul leads you to hit rockbottom so many times… At least you can always sink with the ship… And there, on the misty horizon, a little white sail is disappearing… You will never know if it was the sister soul. You will never know if you could have catch it… Unless she stops.

For that she should seek herself the same twin soul…

So it remains a pure problems of maths: how many times can you hit the rockbottom before sinking, knowing that the little white sail will never stop?

Everything is gone with the wind….

Enjoy the reprise:


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