Dazed and confused


And it is happening…

What is strange is that myself I am a bit confused. Am I misreading the signs? O, no, not the big ones… Those are clear ones – Thou shall not pass… But there is a little one who says: Not yet! Am I seeing it or just desire it? That is a good question. But the answer is better. Especially because I do not know it!!

What I want is another damned good question. Shoul I go or should I stay. I do feel that it worth to stay and try. Still some setbacks to solve but I feel there is a future ahead. A bright one. With some few spots around, just to make it more fun.

I may loose… Not really loose, since it is not a sum zero game… Loose time, energy, a bit of a soul, perhaps…Actually, you cannot lose not even a bit of a soul… That is a treasure which, when shared, it grows! But nevertheless, some people will call it a loose. Let’s hang with them for a while… Ok. I may loose. So what?

But the prospect of gaining her is a much brighter view. And it is a risk worthwhile.

She is a fine one. A very fine one. And somehow not even her is aware of her value. If my comparation can be forgiven (is 6:30 and I am after a long train travel) she is a very fine horse, with delicate joints, with a nervousness which makes her a very fine racer. A speedy one.  Your only care should be not to overdrive her, overtire her. And that is quite easy.

PS – maybe she is also dazed and confused?  😉


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