Today! :)

Daca tot am zis de ieri si de miine…. Un pic si despre azi!

We do see time as slices, just like a movie photogram. Step by step. And yet space is continuus and time is tooo. So we have a different perception of reality. I know – quantum physics and a lot of explain to do. But there are still mundane consequences… That the decisions we make change the flow of time… Because time doesn’t flow, I have already said that. It’s more like you choose a path at crossroads. The path you didn’t choose still exists. And with a lot of effort you can get back there. Now we came to Pauli and his principle of incertitude. Choosing is making the decision – I want to measure the energy of photon or the place in space?
Complicated? Nope. Just the idea of indeterminism. We have a Univers that is not calculable. It is determined (if you kick a cat, it will scratch you!). But you can not know when, how, etc. So you cannot know, when you choose the path where it will lead you. You see it dirty, wet or else. But you do not know how you will end on it.
Corolary? Live the life to the fullest in every second! It will expand your life! I mean it will pass slower and slower as you live with higher intensity. you will ride the time and not dread the end of time.


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