The urge to talk…

Have you ever felt the urging desire to talk to someone? Not anyone but someone specific. Someone who can hear you, understand you, lay a good word.. Christians will direct you to confession. But it’s not a confession. You do not need to be absolved.

You need to be heared by that person. The one who you know you should talk to. The one who may not approve you, may even scold you, but nevertheless will accept you just as you are. That is what you seek, after all: the quiet understanding that you are heared. A priest hears you but listen you only for you sins. The psychiatrist will listen to learn if you are a deviant person/personality. A friend might listen but is not the same.

Oh, yes. That person knows it is the listener. Because you can talk like you talk to yourself – no fine or phony words, no lies, no nothing. Just the plain truth. Yourself. It requires a great deal of strength and believing in the humanity in you and that person. Only a human can understand a human.

That bond is unique. The lucky few that get it are indeed most of the fortunates… Lucky few…

One more point – almost allways there is no payback. The listener and the talker cannot switch sides. It is a one way talk. And that is the beauty of it. The listener must find a different listener if wants to talk. So, there is a new connection…

And the last thought for this – when the listener and the talker can switch sides with eachother – we call that love.



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