Still I’m sad…

Every once in a while you need somebody to love.
That’s interesting, most people would say they need to be loved!
But there is a big diference between what people want and what they really need.
Like in the story of teaching somebody to fish, instead of feeding him.
There is a catch (damn, allway there is  a catch!): If you are loved, your ego can go sky high. But it doesn’t make you happy for a long time… If you love, then the good part of you is feeling better and it makes you happy a little longer (maybe very long for some). But it doesn’t guarantees that you will be loved in exchange (in fact the chances are rather low – we treasure what we don’t have or can’t get!). Love that is shared is the best. So rare, so precious.
Why so rare? Because we do not know what we need: a caring soul, a person who cares. With highs and lows. With goods and bads.
We strove always to get the bird on the fence.
Nevermore, as Poe said….


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