Yesterday I spoked about Paetus – a real life character with a story… Today I speak about Scrooge, a novel character.. Could his story became true?
First of all I like the story. It is a fine one and give credit to humanity!
From my point of view, the one with Patrick Stewart is one of the best, even the best one. It is so humane when he sends the turkey, when enters in his nephews home and when he jokes with his employee (well, joking like that today will be considered politically incorect).
But can it happen in real life? How many conversions have you witnessed? I have seen none. And yet, just thinking it can be done gives credit to humanity.
We are what we are due to a combination of selfishness and generosity towards our genes who lives in our relatives. And friends. And so on. (I yet don’t speak about memes – it is somehow identical). The human part is that generosity. The understanding of other needs, the understanding of others dreams…
Not necessary fulfilling their desires. A hug can be more precious than a pearl and a good word can help more than a pile of cash. Not always but more often than we think.
So, is the conversion real? Could it be real? I guess no. WE cand adjust, can change a little. To undergo a such great conversion one must have been underneath the way it changed. Just loosing the bad things you aquired involuntarily. In fact you became yourself again. The way you supposed to be, in the first place. If Scrooge wasn’t good at origin, he couldn’t became good again.
One more consideration – can a really bad guy became a good one (good for real, not a mask for others)? I don’t know, never met one yet.

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