Non dolet, Paete

Stiu, nu e o poveste de Craciun. But it doesn’t matter. It is a good story….
After the failed coup staged by Scribonianus a wave of deaths was ordered by Claudius, to quell some hot headed aristocrats. One of them was Caecina Paetus. The law stipulated that the fortune of men condemned for treason was confiscated. If the emperor was merciful (and Claudius was) he let the condamned to kill himsefl and so the fortune will remain to the kids. The order for aresting came along with a centurion and some soldiers. They comunicated that the emperor allows the suicide. And waited. And waited. Paetus wife, Aria, seeing him uneasy, took a knife, stabbed her to death saying: „Non dolet, Paete” – „It doesn’t hurt, Paetus!”. He took the same knife and stabbed himself.
There is a moral? There is a lesson?
Self sacrifice? Cowardness? Courage?
All of them?
A strange kind of thinking for us, living 2000 years after. And yet, selfimolating man we have too – even on the news… Death is easy. Living is hard. Choosing right is even difficult. Living with the consequencens of your choices is even harder.
Non dolet. If it doesn’t hurts, it is ok. We stay away from pain.
The good part of the story, for me, is that it is ok to choose. Sometimes you loose. Sometimes you win. But never let the pain be your guide…

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