I feel pretty, I feel witty…. :)

Aren’t we all suppose to feel so?
Have we all this right?
I do believe we have. I do believe we have the right to know that we have this right.
This one should be one of the firsts things to be teached to our children.
That they are pretty, witty and happy. That this is the natural state of humankind and everything we do must have this goal attached.
We are aloud to error. We are aloud to hurt, from miscalculation or little knowledge, others. We are aloud to do bad things… (well to be honest, little bad things…).
But we are not aloud to forget that we are pretty, that we are witty and happy. Many things can be changed and they are changed if you believe in yourself.
So, feel pretty, feel witty and most of all be happy. It is contagious and it will spread like wildfire!


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